How to improve indoor air quality

December 22, 2016 Christina Su

    Just like outdoor air quality, indoor air quality can pose a risk to your health. We spend a large proportion of our time indoors so it’s important to keep the air as clean as possible.   Here is 4 things you can do to improve indoor air quality.   Check gas outlets such as stove and gas heatings   An American study1 from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Stanford University estimated that gas burners were estimated to add 25-39% to the week averaged nitrous oxide concentrations. To prevent this toxic fumes in the house, install venting range hoods...

8 tips to treat a cold naturally

August 03, 2016 Christina Su

When it comes to having a cold, it seems like there is no cure in sight. There are many over the counter products that may relieve the symptoms. But some of us may prefer to feel better the natural way.   Here are 8 tips to help you treat your cold the natural way   Get some rest   Rest is one of the most important point which is often overlooked when you’re sick. We rush around thinking that we can function normally. Resting helps you build your immune system and can help shorten the cold as your body fights...